Geoff Lawson describes ABC Radio cricket commentary as 'unlistenable' – Daily Telegraph

FORMER Test fast bowler and current NSW bowling coach Geoff Lawson has unloaded on the ABC in the latest addition of News Corp’s Cricket Unlimited podcast.

During the podcast’s Commentary Critique segment host Andrew Menczel asks Lawson about the circumstances surrounding his abrupt departure from ABC Radio’s commentary team after 22 years.

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“I understand if people move on, if they think you’re not relevant, whatever it is,” said Lawson. “Well fine, just say so, but don’t just put out a commentary roster that doesn’t have your name on it, don’t call you after 22 years — that’s pretty rude behaviour.

“I still haven’t had a thank you. Not even a thank you from ABC management but I guess that’s where they ABC are headed at the moment. They don’t really know where they are going.”

media_cameraCoach Geoff Lawson with Australian paceman Josh Hazlewood. Picture: AFP

Lawson isn’t happy about the product the national broadcaster is putting out either.

“I can’t listen to the ABC. It’s pretty poor commentary at the moment … unlistenable stuff.

I know so many other people who want to listen to it but they won’t because the ABC has lost its way. I don’t think they understand how important cricket on the radio is — particularly to people in rural areas.

“They don’t want froth and bubble. They want the cricket called for them, they want expert opinions, the great ball-by-ball guys, the atmosphere to come across.”

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