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The benefits of playing badminton include decreasing stress and diabetes, improving mobility and physical fitness. Couple this with friendships built over a decade and you have a group of 17 jovial women who make up the badminton club.

The club was established more than 15 years ago with a priority of promoting the sport in the community. Pensioners make up at least half of the group and use the weekly sessions to keep fit. At the beginning of October, when the payment for booking the Forderville Hall was made as usual, the members were informed that it had increased from R80 to R150.

Being a community sports non-profit organisation, with a large number of pensioners, the club knew that this increase would not be financially feasible. Members queried with Inkosi Langalibalele Local Municipality and were told that the fee increase was advertised in 2016.

They were advised to write a letter, objecting to the fee increase and substantiate with reasons. This was immediately done but no response was received. During a second visit to the municipality, club members were asked to compile another letter.

It was submitted on the day and also no response has been received. They say that the municipality is using ‘delay tactics’ in responding to their concerns and were dissatisfied with the poor service delivery.

Maintenance of the Forderville Hall also came under scrutiny, with members saying that several lights do not work and the ablution facilities are in a poor condition. Members decided to contact the Estcourt News and perhaps get the answers they seek through the media. Their concerns have been relayed to Inkosi Langalibalele Local Municipality, a response is forthcoming.

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