Lord Coe suggests IPL-style auctions, franchises and pop-up tracks could be future of athletics – Telegraph.co.uk

Athletics could introduce an Indian Premier League-style auction and city franchises as part of a radical overhaul of the sport, Lord Coe revealed on Wednesday.

Major races could also take place on pop-up 200 metre tracks inside football grounds and entire events could be cut from the World Championships, with International Association of Athletics Federations president Coe declaring: “Everything is on the table.”

Coe said athletics need to have a “possibly uncomfortable set of conversations” in order to secure its future, admitting there were aspects of the sport that were holding it back.

Speaking at the Leaders Sport Business Summit, he said: “Over the next year, our relentless focus on formats and the changes that we make in the sport has to be absolutely laser-like.

“I’m not ruling, frankly, anything out now. I think everything is on the table, and there are some things that I want to look at.

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