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Unlike its predecessor, Battlefront II puts a big focus on class-based gameplay. Before you get the chance to unlock any heroes, you’ll have to pick the right class for you and the mission ahead. This goes for both ground-based fights and space missions. For ground missions you’ve got:

Assault – Your standard grunt. An all-rounder and the easiest to play.

Heavy – A well-defended tank class with front-facing shield. Stronger weapons make up for slower speeds.

Specialist – The game’s sniper class, has a pair of thermal goggles for revealing hidden enemies to your team.

Officer – The support class, buffing other players and dropping turret. A mix of other game’s engineer and medic roles.

And then there’s space battles and their fleets:

Interceptor – Speedy and agile, but weak.

Fighter – The steady option, with average speed and damage. 

Bomber – Slowest of all, but deals the most damage.

When you’ve picked a class, PLAY TO ITS STRENGTHS. If you choose to be a sniper, then don’t go running into the thick of a gun fight, or you’re going to go down in milliseconds. Likewise, a heavy bringing up the rear is only going to see his teammates knocked off and his mission fail. Learn your job, do your part, win the rounds.

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