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When the mp3 landed in my inbox last February, I was intrigued, but also admittedly a little bit skeptical. Who is Superorganism and why is this song so addicting? “People didn’t think I was a real person,” Orono says, sipping a San Pellegrino. You have to admit it sounds a tad suspicious: an international eight-piece fronted by a 17-year-old Weezer fan? Even more baffling was their already cohesive sound, a Frankenstein collage of millennium-era electro-pop and mumbly twee. But this wasn’t a band of celebrities, or the secret new project of a one-time buzz band, or whatever else the blog comments would have you believe. Orono was real, and so were her seven older bandmates.

According to Emily, Harry, and Orono, they didn’t divulge many specifics about the project because, truthfully, they weren’t sure about it themselves. “We decided we’d just leave it up to people’s imagination until we could kind of figure it out,” Emily remembers. And they’ve spent the half-year since that song’s release trying to do exactly that. Orono — who sings, writes lyrics, and paints the group’s neon-hued artwork — moved into the terrace house living room a few weeks back, after her high school graduation.

For a while, “Something For Your M.I.N.D.” was scrubbed from the internet due to an uncleared sample (it’s back now). Luckily the group has dreamed up a few followups imbued with a similar spirit; tracks like “It’s All Good” and “Everybody Wants to Be Famous” are bright and maximalist and just sort of fun, with a sincere-feeling nostalgic kick that’s simultaneously hip and hokey. In the unreleased video for the latter, Orono wears a tie-dyed shirt and slightly flared blue jeans, an outfit you’d buy at Old Navy in 2002. It feels too earnest to be completely ironic, which you could also say about the song.

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