We are all cursed with cricket superstition. How else can we bear to be so helpless? – Telegraph.co.uk

Where should you have been on Tuesday morning to ensure England didn’t lose a wicket during the final session of the fourth Test? The Adelaide Oval car park of course, at least according to fast bowler James Anderson.

As heart rates steadied, the clock hands rattled safely past 11am and close of play called, Anderson told Test Match Special that he had coped with the pressure by hot-footing it down to study the number plates of the parked cars.

He had no shame, and nor should he. He’s just like the rest of us.

But Anderson doesn’t know how lucky he is. As a player, he has power. Perhaps this morning will dawn to his unlikely glory, an unbeaten 50 for the newly crowned Burnley Lara under the havoc-inducing Adelaide floodlights.

For the rest of us, the listener, the television viewer or the spectator, life lived on the edge of sporting success is far more intolerable.

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