Why English cricket puts brakes on its fast bowlers – The Times

England have played six Test matches away from home since November 17 last year. They have lost them all. Mostly by huge margins.

They conspicuously failed the trial by spin in India last winter (and Bangladesh before that), and are now suffering a severe examination by pace in Australia. You could blame the batsmen, but that is only half the story.

The galling fact is that, away from home, England rarely seem to have the right bowling ingredients with which to fight back. In short, why don’t we produce breakneck fast bowlers or mystery spinners?

Porter, who bowls at about 81mph, proved invaluable for EssexStu Forster/Getty Images

The stark reality is that English cricket has rarely unearthed bowlers of genuine, gold-standard, 90mph pace, or high-class spinners for that matter. The most recent truly fast attack that England…

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